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Pete Gonzalez

Pete Gonzalez

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I’m a software engineer. My focus is developer productivity: If you’ve ever worked on a large software application, it probably relied on many custom tools and services. These systems shape your life at work every day. Probably (hopefully) this investment is accounted for as part of project cost and planning... But what’s the experience like using these tools? Are the commands intuitive? Are the operations speedy? Does the design help people avoid common mistakes?

While a lot of attention is given to product experiences, we often overlook our own “user experience” for reading, writing, and shipping code. We should invest more in this area. The efficiency gains multiply across every developer in your ecosystem. Usually those people are your own friends and colleagues. It can be very rewarding to build tools that make their lives a little better.

Open Source

Successful open source projects tend to have all these qualities:

- The goals and scope of the project are obvious
- The target user base includes a lot of software engineers
- Some of them can get paid to work on it

That describes most developer tools! It just makes sense to build them in the open. The biggest payoff is the community: You don’t just get free code. You also get free troubleshooting help, and free training! Open source broadens perspectives and connects your team to a large network of interesting people with cool ideas. Companies shouldn’t just use free tools; they should encourage their engineers to actively contribute. Everyone wins!

This is the main idea behind Rush Stack, which I’ve been helping to organize this year. I’m also a major contributor to the TSDoc standard for TypeScript through my involvement with API Extractor.

Day Job

I work at HBO in Seattle on their streaming media apps. Prior to that I was at Microsoft for 9 years, and before that I worked at various consulting companies. A long time ago I was a cofounder of Ratloop, a small company that makes video games.