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Pete Gonzalez

Pete Gonzalez

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I’m a software architect. My focus is developer productivity: As a software project grows in size, your build system often turns into project in itself. These systems shape our daily life at work. Probably (hopefully) this investment is accounted for as part of project cost and planning... But what’s it like using these tools? Are they easy to understand? Are the operations speedy?

While a lot of attention is given to product experiences, we often overlook our own user experience for reading, writing, and shipping code. Investing in this area creates efficiency gains that multiply across every person. Usually those people are your own friends and colleagues. It can be very rewarding to work on systems that make their lives better!

Open Source

Some problems are better suited to open source than others. The success stories tend to have three qualities:

- The goals are well-defined, even if the engineering is difficult
- The user audience includes a lot of software engineers
- Some of them can be paid to work on it

That describes most build tools! Different companies might be making very different apps, but we all face similar engineering challenges. Since your build system isn’t shipped to customers, it’s relatively easy to share this code. Open source isn’t just about getting free bug fixes, however. The real payoff is community: By joining forces, we can create more ambitious solutions. Open source connects your team to a network of other smart people with fresh perspectives. It’s also an easy way to promote your business as an attractive employer.

My job

I’m currently a Software Architect at TikTok in Seattle. I help maintain their front-end monorepo which hosts over 800 TypeScript projects, under development 24 hrs/day by teams around the world.

Since the initial launch of RushJS in 2017, a large part of my daily work involves coordinating open source projects and building connections between companies. In 2019, we formalized this collaboration as the Rush Stack organization, which has produced a number of influential subprojects including Heft, API Extractor, API Documenter, Lockfile Explorer, and the TSDoc standard.

Work history

Previously worked as a Principal Engineer at HBO/WarnerMedia who use the Rush Stack system to build TV apps. I also worked for 9 years at Microsoft where Rush originated. Prior to that, I worked for a small consulting company on a fun variety of projects including financial portfolio management, EEG digital signal processing, wireless transmitters, distributed computing, steam turbine analysis, and specialized language compilers. I also cofounded Ratloop, a small business that makes video games.